Our targets

Trisomie 21 Lëtzebuerg a.s.b.l. strives to help people with Down’s Syndrome to live as independent and fulfilled lives as possible by :

  • Establishing and maintaining contacts with maternities and rehabilitation centres, and offer help to the concerned families.
  • Offering specialised medical assistance to our members and specific professional training to medical staff. Issuing a T21 specific health pass.
  • Guidance and help for all persons, children and adults with Down’s Syndrome, an their families.
  • Enhancing verbal communication by offering various methods and supporting material.
  • Organising meetings and social events for the concerned families.
  • Completing and updating our two documentary centres with books, newspapers, videos, CD’s, DVD’s and other.
  • Organising specific seminars and workshops for parents and professionals.
  • Defending the rights and interests of people with Down’s Syndrome and their families, when and wherever needed, i.e. with the government, organisations or employers.
  • Fighting against any form of discrimination hindering the inclusion of people with Down’s Syndrome into today’s society.
  • Co-operating with other national and international organisations having the same targets.

Our new targets concern the professional future and living structures for adults and seniors with Down’s Syndrome.