Our services


Whether cooking courses, monthly excursions for young people from 12 years, dance or Zumba courses. With us you will always find something to do throughout the year.

Information and registration in the secretariat:

Tel. 26 78 74 51
E-Mail: info@trisomie21.lu


Cooking workshop for teenagers aged 16 and more.

A convivial evening, appreciated by all!

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Monthly excursions

For young teenagers and adults from 12 years old.

Different activities each time: cinema, pizzeria, visit to a museum, walk on the Christmas market, mini golf, ...

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Music and choreography. Zumba is a mixture of aerobics and predominantly Latin American dance elements. Courses from 12 years.

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With us you are the star! Enjoy the special feeling of dancing in your dancing group and if you like even standing in the spotlight on the dance stage during dance performances.

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