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"Maternity" folder for maternity ward staff

Contents :

  • French and German leaflets
  • EN Parent-to-Parent Guide
  • DE Mein Baby mit Down Syndrom
  • Contact sheet + leaflet on the diagnosis announcement

"Maternity" folder for new parents

Contents :

  • Parent to Parent Guide EN
  • Mein Baby mit Down Syndrom DE
  • Contacts and interesting links
  • Medical follow-up booklet for people with Down syndrome

This bundle is given by a family of the association often during a first visit at home or in the maternity ward.


A backpack full of books for teachers and other staff accompanying children in their school life, as well as for classmates to help them understand what Down's syndrome is and how to live together.

This backpack is evolutionary according to the school course both in the basic and differentiated system. It is made available to the child with trisomy 21 and he will have to follow it throughout his schooling. Teachers are invited to fill in the attached questionnaire on the usefulness of the kit and also to suggest books or methods that it would be useful to add to the contents of the kit.

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